Are You Sure Your Tax Bill Was Paid?

Our clients use our monthly delinquency reports to reach out to their borrowers, members, or clients regarding delinquent taxes. We have recently seen a trend where our clients pass messages, emails, or receipts back to us from their clients showing a payment to satisfy a delinquent tax on our report.

Did you know that 25% of the receipts and proof of payments we receive back do not satisfy the delinquency?

NRTT has found the top 4 reasons why these proof of payments need to be double checked for thoroughness and accuracy.

  • Reason Number 1:

    The property has more than one parcel, one of the parcels is unpaid or was forgotten at payment

  • Reason Number 2:

    A borrower made a partial payment and a delinquent balance still remains

  • Reason Number 3:

    The county says the borrower paid the wrong property or there were insufficient funds in the account and the check could not be cashed

  • Reason Number 4:

    The borrower provides a print out from the county showing the tax bill was paid, but it was paid by a tax buyer resulting in a delinquent tax lien