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Your complete property tax partner.

Comprehensive Tax Tracking

Tax reporting, monitoring, and payments for escrow, non-escrow, and real estate owned portfolios nationwide.

Property Tax Certs

NRTT provides a quick, one-time report of tax parcels for any type of real estate portfolio.

Tax Payment Services

NRTT manages all taxing authority due dates, discount dates, penalty dates, payment methods and local payment requirements.

Delinquent Payment Services

NRTT handles time-sensitive and critically delinquent tax bills and tax liens.

Flood Services

NRTT provides flood compliance and tracking that is needed across all lines of business.

Appeals Services

NRTT delivers commercial and residential appeals in all major markets.

Property Tax FAQs

Property taxes are complicated. Find answers in our FAQ guide.

Manage your portfolio with confidence. Allow NRTT to eliminate the risks associated with real estate taxes.

PACE Solutions

NRTT PACE Solutions is the ONLY servicer to provide a standardized process across all states and property types – commercial, industrial and residential. NRTT’s highly-trained and knowledgeable real estate and tax experts serve as “go-to resources” for any PACE question from any stakeholder – lenders, borrowers and local tax collectors. Lend with confidence, allow NRTT to design a PACE servicing solution for you.