NRTT’s proprietary Client Exchange is a Web-based system that enhances our client’s experience and provides tools to easily manage any portfolio’s property taxes.

 Advanced Technology

  • Integration utilizing API, web services, XML, etc.
  • Automation and streamlined processes creating seamless workflow
  • SOC 3 Compliant Web-based system

In House Development

  • In-depth Business Analysis to understand client needs & research strategies
  • Utilize latest programming techniques and methodology for quick implementation
  • Experienced in government & commercial-grade data environments

Easy Ordering

  • Add and remove services on demand
  • Convenient management tools for ordering in bulk
  • Address verification and county locator for new parcels

Customizable Reporting

  • Choose report format and frequency
  • Opportunity to tailor client defined fields for convenient internal data management
  • Customized report styles

 Proprietary and internal RealT System stores critical data for all your tax payments and delinquencies

  • All US taxing authorities – including due dates, discount dates, and penalty dates for current bills, upcoming tax payments, and redemption deadlines
  • Advanced reporting for delinquencies, tax sales, forfeitures, back taxes, and open taxes
  • Property data verification for exemptions, bankruptcies, split and conjoined parcels
  • Custom client alerts