NRTT’s proprietary Client Exchange Web-based system enhances our client’s experience and provides tools to easily manage the property taxes in your portfolio

Proprietary and internal RealT System stores critical data for all your tax payments and delinquencies

  • All taxing authorities and due dates
  • Delinquencies, tax sales, forfeitures, back taxes, and open taxes
  • Current payments
  • Deadlines for payments and redemptions
  • Notes of pertinent information gathered from counties (for example; 100% tax exemptions, bankruptcies, split and conjoined parcels)
  • Upcoming payments and tax sales
  • Communication methods that send clients verification alerts of address discrepancies, inactive PINs, and parcel splits

In House Development

  • In-depth Business Analysis to understand client needs & research strategies
  • Continuously feature enhancements that provide value to our clients
  • Utilize latest programming techniques and methodology for quick implementation
  • Experienced in government & commercial-grade data environments

Customizable Reporting

  • Choose the type of reports you receive
  • Choose the format and when you want to receive them
  • Opportunity to customize client defined fields for convenient internal data management

Easy Ordering

  • Add and remove services on demand
  • Convenient management tools for ordering in bulk
  • Address verification and county locator for new parcels

Advanced Technology

  • Backend Systems Integration utilizing API, web services, XML, etc.
  • Automation and streamlined processes creating seamless workflow
  • SAS70 Compliant Web-based system
  • Secured access controls and user authentication provides customizable viewing options